Many people have questions about identity! We will take you on a journey of discovery around the theme of identity, using theory and questions.

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You will gradually discover how your identity is formed, where certain behavior comes from (and what it costs you) and what your certainties are in life. We talk about the desire for freedom and confirmation and what obstacles you may encounter in that search for freedom and confirmation. At the end of the course you will discover how to live a life of grace, freedom and affirmation.

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Welcome to the MyJourney Identity course
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1. Identity
Love as value
Status and success
2. What chasing those things costs you
The quid pro quo system
Comparing yourself
3. You are living in a prison
Directions for a trapped life
Your foundation
Hindering behavior
4. Longing for freedom and affirmation
The search for personal affirmation
Grace as affirmation
The source of grace
God as the source of identity
What hinders surrender
Relationship with the source
5. The free life
Becoming like Jesus
The effects of living by grace
Needs that are changing
Receiving grace
Review of the course
The book "Struck by grace"

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