Forgiveness. A beautiful word. Or a complicated word. This course helps you to understand forgiveness.

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‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest word.’ How much more beautiful would the world be if people would say ‘I'm sorry, please forgive me’ more often? 

Some say forgiveness comes with time. Older people usually are gentle and more forgiving. But why wait until you’re old and gray? Because forgiving may cost time, but being unforgiving costs not only time but energy as well.

Online course

In this online course you will contemplate about ‘sorry’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I forgive you’ and all those other words that are by times so hard to say or to hear, although they truly can heal us. You will think about hurt and the things you experienced.

This is a course just for you. You will have to find your own path of forgiveness. Do you have the courage? If you do, it will change your life.


The course consists of seven themes. Every theme will take you half an hour at most, but it depends on the time you want to take for the assignments.

  1. What is forgiveness?
  2. What forgiveness is not
  3. Tell your story
  4. How will you be able to forgive?
  5. Restoring a relationship 
  6. Everything can be forgiven 
  7. Step into a new future

PS: After finishing a theme you will have to wait a day before you can continue. This delay is built in on purpose, so you can’t rush through the course.

Course content

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#Forgiveness: Harvey forgave the man who tried to kill him
TOPIC 1: What is forgiveness?
#Forgiveness: What is forgiveness?
Just forgive
Why do we forgive?
Research confirms: Forgiveness is good for your health
It takes time
Does forgiveness depend on the offender?
LIVE: “You have been forgiven, sir”
Everyone needs to be forgiven
Summary and assignment
TOPIC 2: What forgiveness is not
#Forgiveness: What forgiveness is not
Forgiving is not a sign of weakness
LIVE: Malala about the strength to forgive
Forgiveness is not about providing excuses
Forgiving is not the same as forgetting
Forgiving is not easy
LIVE: Widow forgives husband’s murderer
Forgiving takes time
Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation
Summary and assignment
TOPIC 3:Tell your story
#Forgiveness: tell your story
Why should you tell your story?
Who took the sun from your face?
How do you tell your story?
Telling your story to the offender
LIVE: Corrie ten Boom
Keep telling your story
With whom do you share your pain?
Summary and assignment
TOPIC 4: How will you be able to forgive?
#Forgiving: How will you able to forgive?
Fellow humans
LIVE: Lopön-la, the monk who forgave
Real forgiveness
LIVE: “I forgive ISIS”
Show empathy
LIVE: Death by a drunk driver
Tell a new story
Summary and assignment
TOPIC 5: Restoring a relationship (or letting go of it)
#Forgiveness: restoring a relationship or letting go of it
What do you need?
LIVE: The story of two mothers
​Letting go or renewing
LIVE: Steven McDonald
Forgiving someone who is no longer around
Summary and assignment
TOPIC 6: Everything can be forgiven
#Forgiveness: Everything can be forgiven
Are there people who do not qualify?
​LIVE: “God gave me the grace to forgive them”
​Training your forgiveness muscles
Forgiving yourself
Summary and assignment
TOPIC 7: Step into a new future
#Forgiveness: Step into a new future
A world full of forgiveness
​Forgiveness as a first response
Jesus said: I forgive you
You choose

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